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Parents In China Were Beaten When They Tried To Get Compensation For Their Vaccine Injured Children

Christina England


In March 2010 it was reported From the New York Times that China had been selling ‘tainted vaccines’. These vaccines had not had adequate storage and yet were sold to the public of China, subsequently allowing the vaccines to be administered to children. As a result, as many as eighty children suffered severe reactions, with four of these children, reported to have died.

According to the report in the New York Times the vaccines had been stored in a warm room without any air conditioning. Mr Chen, who worked for the medical center where these vaccines were sold, was reported to have said that he had complained at least 30 times, He said:-

I saw boxes and boxes of vaccines piled up high like a hill in a hot room without air-conditioning,” he said. “Over the course of two years, I complained more than 30 times to the center’s leaders that these vaccines were no longer effective.”

Xinhua a Chinese newspaper reported

BEIJING, March 17 (Xinhua) — China’s Ministry of Health (MOH) has launched an investigation into a report that defective vaccines had killed or sickened almost 80 children in north China’s Shanxi Province, said a statement on the ministry website Wednesday.

The ministry had asked the provincial health authorities to report abnormalities caused by the vaccines as soon as possible, the statement said.

Field investigations by reporters found that encephalitis, hepatitis B,rabies and other vaccines had killed four children and sickened at least 74, the China Economic Times newspaper reported Wednesday.”

On the 20th July 2010 a report from China in ChinaGeeks translates reported that when the parents went to Beijing to try to get compensation for their children’s injuries, they found that the Ministry of Health had as much caring and compassion as a hungry ‘Stem Tiger’ after they were brutely beaten and slung into prison, where they were then denied medical care.One man was beaten so badly he sustained six broken ribs and a broken finger. Journalist C Cluster reported on the story-

Tainted Vaccine “Protesters” Beaten, Bones Fractured

By C. Custer

Yet another depressing moment in the saga of the families who came to Beijing looking for compensation from the Ministry of Health after their children where harmed by tainted vaccines. Shortly after their first protest, Wang reported via his blog, they were arrested, but were subsequently released and apparently went to protest again yesterday. The results were more dire this time:

“When the nine parents of tainted vaccine victims were outside the Ministry of Health appealing for an audience with higher-ups on the morning of the 19th, they were beaten quite severely by a group of people wearing the uniforms of the Public Security Bureau. Of the nine, four suffered serious injury, and Yang Yukui of Liaoning province suffered six fractured ribs on his right side and a fractured little finger on his right hand.

The parents were chained together to prevent being dragged off separately, which made it impossible for them to flee their attackers. After being beaten, the group was locked away and at present has not been allowed to seek medical treatment:”

This is totally barbaric, haven’t these parents suffered enough?

However, unfortunately this is not the first time that parents of vaccine injured children have been treated in this way. In 2006 the story of Gao Zhanghong hit the headlines, he too had been treated in this way. In May this year ChinaGeeks Translates told his story arrest of Gao Zhanghong . Gao was a father of a boy who also fell victim to tainted vaccines back in 2006. This resulted in his son having learning difficulties which seriously impaired his ability to learn. Gao had hoped that his younger son may be able to care for his brother when he was older, sadly this was not going to be a possibility because his younger son then became a victim of the Sanlu milk powder scandal . Gao was also arrested, however, ChinaGeeks report that it was not clear from the circumstances to exactly how Gao’s arrest related to the vaccine and melamine issues.

It seems that the Chinese government care very little about their people. They carry on selling contaminated vaccines and other products in the full knowledge that if a parent complains, they can use violence or prison as a deterrent.

This of course is what is known as a civilized society! In my opinion it could be seen to be Totalitarianism.



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